USTEK RFID Solutions was founded in 2007 with the sole purpose of providing RFID based tracking solutions to aid companies better manage their products, merchandise and assets in a cost effective, efficient manner. We constantly track trends and develop contemporary RFID products and applications. We design and manufacture state-of-the-art RFID stations allowing flawless and fluent movement of your valuables. We strive to create vertically integrated systems which enable us to offer cost effective solutions with smooth procurement and installation/integration stages. We provide plug-and-play RFID terminals, customizable software modules and tag alternatives to aid laundry operators and/or system integrators implement fast, efficient and accurate RFID solutions to their existing/future projects. We offer a wide portfolio of pre-tagged (or non-tagged) linen and terry to laundries, hotels and hospitals leveraging our expertise in laundry with customer & consumer expectations. We have been exporting RFID systems, tags and software since 2008. Up to present, we have completed many projects around the globe including United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, United Arab Emirates, India, United States of America and Caribbean Islands. Key products in our portfolio are as follows. USTAG Performer 70 and 55 are UHF RFID transponder tags for laundry operators. It is wash proof, and fits heavy industry laundry environment. It has a long detection range and is optimized for optimal read within 1m range. It is ironing friendly including chest heated iron rollers. It can be used in dry-cleaning processes. It is tested and approved for 200 washer extractor cycles and 200 extraction press cycles of 55 bar pressure. Eggwalk 2500 is UHF reading terminal streamlined for trolley scanning. It is smaller in size, better in performance and best-in-class in trolley scanning. It has a sound guided operation to boost scanning performance. It is suitable for large installations, it scans and records tons of items within seconds. Packman 60 is the UHF reading terminal which is streamlined for packaging and labelling clean items and garments before they are shipped to the customer. It is a tabletop reading unit to check stack of items by ownership, quantity or type. It has automatic detection of operating employee. It has a built-in sorting software: sort or pair by owner, user, department and type. It is fast, simple, accurate and cost effective. Built-in computer and ribbon printer enables stand-alone use. Ladybug 522 is the UHF reading terminal streamlined for bag scanning. Its special design allows scanning items in bags with very high precision. Aesthetical and rugged body suits any working atmosphere. Patented design boosts detection performance to 99.9% with compliant RFID tag. Built-in computer and thermal printer enables stand-alone use. It provides a mobile platform on wheels. Custom colors are available upon request. Kontag 120 has been primarily designed for industrial laundry trolleys. It has great performance both on metal and non-metal surfaces. Narrow form makes it suitable for metal trolley grills. It has a rugged design that provides a lifetime protection against shock, water, chemicals and heat. For maximum durability it can be mounted by screwing on surface.